Draft 2019 – Pick #4: Bobby Evans, OT, Oklahoma

Three-year starter with tackle experience on both sides who plays with excellent core strength, good hand placement and a noticeable nasty streak. Evans is below average as an athlete but makes up for it with upper-body power and solid technique. Despite being under 6-foot-5, his arm length (34 3/4 inches) might convince a team to try him at right tackle before any moves inside. He might be scheme-dependent, but strength and toughness give him a shot at becoming a good backup with eventual starter potential.

  • Built with a stout frame and nearly 35-inch arms
  • Started at both right and left tackle and might offer swing value
  • Relatively unfazed by bull-rush attempts
  • Sticks a strong punch into the chest of incoming rushers
  • Grip strength for solid secure and mirror
  • Impressive core strength
  • Shows ability to match power for power in upper half
  • Adequate agility for short pulls
  • Well-schooled with feel for landmarks and technique
  • Good timing and radar up to second-level targets on gap runs
  • Play demeanor best described as aggressive and chippy
  • Shorter than average at the tackle spot
  • Hip tightness restricts depth of kick slides
  • Below-average quickness in race versus edge rushers
  • Shows a tendency to lunge when beaten
  • Lacks proper hip bend to drop pad level and win with leverage
  • Could struggle in generating drive movement if moved inside to guard
  • Stiff-kneed upper-body mauler on down blocks
  • Narrow drive base causes him to fall off-center from the block
  • Faces range limitations as move blocker
  • Plodding with heavy feet out in space
Sources Tell Us
"The tape (in 2018) was a little bit disappointing compared to (2017) when he was at right tackle. I would play him at right tackle before ever thinking of moving him inside. He has some limitations and you have to help him some, but he can be a player on the right side." Area scout for AFC team
By Lance Zierlein (NFL.COM)

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