Draft 2019 – Pick #6: David Edwards, OT, Wisconsin

Quarterback-turned-tight-end-turned-right-tackle who has maintained his light feet but is missing functional strength and body control to hold his ground against NFL power. Edwards isn't the technician we've come to expect from the Wisconsin program and he'll need additional technique work to help make up for some of his physical deficiencies. He's still a pup as an offensive lineman and he should improve with more experience and weight room work, but it's tough to project him behind average backup to low-end starter at this point.

  • Former option quarterback and high school basketball player with good feet
  • Early quickness in pass sets
  • Gets long arms unfurled and extended into opposition
  • Mirror movement needs work, but is fairly natural and fluid
  • Has potential to stick and slide after engagement
  • Adequate hip roll into contact as base blocker
  • Initial quickness to cross-face on backside zone blocks
  • Experienced in multiple run-blocking schemes
  • Recognizes best angles up to second level
  • Agility to alter body positioning in space
  • Initial slides are quick but might not gain enough ground
  • Outside hand gets erased opening path to his quarterback
  • Too many over-sets open inside counters
  • Punch-pull technique gets the best of him
  • Lacks sand to drop and anchor against bull rush
  • Play features inconsistent hand placement
  • Chronic waist-bender who falls off drive blocks
  • Upper and lower body work independently
  • Below-average leg drive to generate movement
  • Feet deaden and he fails to improve base-block positioning
  • Defaults to maul mode over technique in recovery
by Lance Zierlein (NFL.COM)

by Lance Zierlein (NFL.COM)

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