Draft 2019 – Pick #1: Taylor Rapp, S, Washington

Versatile three-year starter who combines tenacity with football intelligence to play at a consistently high level. Rapp isn't big, but he's well-built and durability hasn't been a concern despite his physical nature as a striker. He played all over the field this year and might be best-suited in a mix between down safety and two-high looks with the ability to cover tight ends. His coverage talent is average, but his run support effort and open-field tackling are clearly defined strengths that make him a relatively safe selection.

  • Good size with compact frame and well-built chest
  • Mister Fix-It asked to play all over the field for the defense
  • Football intelligence considered top notch
  • Despite compact frame, moves well
  • Able to handle man cover duties on tight ends
  • Impressive talent to diagnose and flow as box safety
  • Recognizes run lane development like a running back
  • Takes accurate pursuit angles
  • Hip sink and footwork are catalysts for open-field tackling
  • Always comes to balance and widens out to tackle
  • Loves to thump
  • Gifted kickoff cover man
  • Hands out punishment but absorbs his share as well
  • Can trigger a little earlier in run support from two-high
  • Average lateral burst as open-field tackler
  • Might be out-paced by NFL runners in his race to the edge
  • Ability to range over the top appears to be just average
  • Ball production has dropped since freshman season
  • Routes to the throw can be fairly conservative
  • Might have left some interceptions and breakups on the field
by Lance Zierlein (NFL.COM)

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