Draft 2019 – Pick #2: Darrell Henderson, RB, Memphis

He checks in slightly undersized, doesn't have great vision and runs with a narrow base that makes him easier to tackle, but so far, those concerns haven't slowed him one bit. Big-play production is impossible to ignore, but his running style makes him best-suited to a complementary slasher role in a spread-based attack. In basketball, Henderson would be the explosive sixth man with the ability to swing certain games in your favor if he catches fire. On the ground or out of the backfield, Henderson can catch fire.

  • Home-run hitter doesn't begin to describe his explosive production
  • Averaged 8.9 yards per carry over last 344 attempts
  • Movement has electric feel to it
  • Quick acceleration turns to get-away long speed
  • 43 carries of 15-plus yards and 11 total touchdowns of 54-plus in 2018 alone
  • Unusual contact balance for narrow-base runner
  • Keeps feet moving at all times
  • Hits and spins out of contact
  • More physical than expected as run finisher
  • Used on drop-offs and screens out of backfield
  • Maintains potency as a pass catcher
  • Shows ability to track and adjust down the field
  • Comes in a little smaller than desired for an early down back
  • Upright running style with narrow base
  • Needs to get better at slipping solid contact
  • Displays some hip tightness and is a one-track runner
  • Plays too fast to effectively stack moves
  • High center of gravity forces turn rather than cuts
  • Faced light numbers in the box
  • Touchdown runs happening in wide-open spaces
  • Sees what is there rather than what is developing
  • May not offer pass protection value on third down
Sources Tell Us
"He's really fast and those numbers for two years are hard to ignore but can he translate? When you go watch just the touchdown runs, there are a lot of bad fronts that he gets to feast on." – AFC college scouting director
By Lancie Zielinski (NFL.COM)

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