Draft 2024 – Pick #2: Braden Fiske, DT, Florida State

Defensive tackle with below-average mass and length who makes up for it with above-average quickness and a constantly revving engine. Fiske uses sudden hands and nimble feet to whip single blocks. Once he finds daylight, he flies to whoever has the ball. He doesn’t have the anchor to sit down and muddy gaps, so scheme will be important for him. Fiske is a hustle rusher who can win quick or late if opponents don’t play with proper hand usage and match his energy. He lacks ideal measurables but has a chance to become an impact defender.


  • Plays with a fully fueled motor as both run defender and pass rusher.
  • Leaps out of his stance and up the field to attack the pocket.
  • Speedy, short strides allow for edge-to-edge rush and twist game potential.
  • Creates decent point of attack pop with hip explosion into contact.
  • Punches and plays around blockers in search of his next course of action.
  • Activity level creates challenges for heavy, static defenders.


  • Bigger linemen can stick to him once they get their hands into him.
  • Gets overtaken by hand resets from longer blockers.
  • Solid play strength but gets pushed around by double-teams.
  • Needs favorable early-rush positioning or ends up on the end of a punch.

Profile by Lance Zierlein – NFL.COM

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