Draft 2024 – Pick#8: Jordan Whittington, WR, Texas

A big slot target with excellent toughness, Whittington lacks the explosiveness typically associated with competing in the league. His value comes with his consistency and willingness to do any dirty work necessary. He can be found making tough catches in traffic or getting after opponents as a run blocker. While he shows attention to detail as a route runner, he’s neither fast nor sudden, which is likely to force him into tight work cubicles against NFL coverages. Whittington’s intangibles work in his favor but making a roster will be a challenge.


  • Big frame and plays to his size.
  • Displays a solid feel for route structure and how to sell it.
  • Runs up near defender’s toes before breaking off the route.
  • Toughness to play over the middle.
  • Great teammate willing to do the dirty work to get the job done.


  • Tends to be a little too stiff-legged into sharp-breaking routes.
  • Acceleration and top-end speed are unimpressive.
  • Just five career touchdowns on 141 career catches.
  • Below-average burst in exiting from route break.

Profile by Lance Zierlein – NFL.COM

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