Draft 2024 – Pick #3: Blake Corum, RB, Michigan

Compact runner with average size, outstanding contact balance and a rare talent for finding and fitting into small crevices for short-yardage conversions and touchdowns. Corum is a bit of a one-speed runner lacking sizzle and wiggle but gets it downhill with timing and finishes runs with good forward lean. He has the hard-hat mentality to handle heavy workloads and can exploit defenses that fatigue or miss their run fits. The talent doesn’t stand out on its own, but he’s strong, competitive and team-oriented with exceptional football character. He can catch it when needed and is above average in picking up the blitz, which could earn him status as a three-down backup with a chance to find early carries as an RB2/3.


  • Exceptional production over the last two years.
  • Feels lane development and works toward the opening.
  • Hits the run north-south when it’s time to go.
  • Absorbs second-level contact with impressive balance
  • Quick to process and sidestep early penetration.
  • Able to add yards after catch out of the backfield.
  • Steps up and challenges linebackers in blitz pickup.


  • Just 12 of his last 45 rush touchdowns went for more than 5 yards.
  • Creativity on the second level is just average.
  • Slow to reignite acceleration when gathering and slowing feet.
  • Gets impatient and will rush block development.
  • Wears down defenses with volume rather than power.

Profile by Lance Zierlein – NFL.COM

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