Draft 2024 – Pick #5: Brennan Jackson, EDGE, Washington State

Sixth-year senior who plays like he loves football and never wants the game to end. Jackson is a productive, effort-based pass rusher who wins with motor and force but is missing much-needed moves and counters to beat NFL tackles with skill. He plays with good bend and powerful hips to drive his way through a blocker’s edge against run or pass blocks. Jackson is salty at the point of attack and will shed or spin off blocks to find his way to the football. Despite some limitations, Jackson is constantly near the football, thanks to his strength, effort and toughness, and he could become a reliable pro as a 4-3 end or 3-4 rush linebacker.


  • Plays with relentless energy that is beyond persistent on every snap.
  • Gets off the ball with bent knees and low pads into contact.
  • Above-average play strength with ability to consistently get off blocks.
  • Strong hips allow him to drive through a blocker’s edges.
  • Hard-charging style creates production through secondary rush.
  • Possesses the footwork to further develop his spin counter.


  • Average athleticism could be tougher to hide as a pro.
  • Will take chances inside B-gap and give away his run fit.
  • Lacks pursuit quickness to force runners into the boundary.
  • One-speed rusher with limited moves and counters.
  • Needs to better develop speed-to-power charge for NFL tackles.

Sources Tell Us

“Plays as hard as anyone in the conference. I think coaches will like him just a little bit more than scouts will, and maybe they will be right.” — AFC national scout

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