Draft 2024 – Pick #9: Beaux Limmer, C, Arkansas

Limmer brings center/guard flexibility and a wealth of starting experience in the challenging SEC. He has decent upper-body strength and good lower-body flexibility to provide leverage, but he could use additional mass on his frame. His clear eyes and accurate block entries give him early leads in the initial phase as a run blocker, and he maintains active feet to stay connected to his blocks over the first and second level. His tendency to lean and sit heavily on his feet has created problems mirroring rushers at both guard and center, and that is likely to continue for him as a pro. Limmer’s run blocking should create an NFL opportunity at center, but the pass protection must improve.


  • Gets into block fits with hip bend and inside hands.
  • Runs feet through contact and keeps defender occupied through the rep.
  • Good feel for blocking angles on first and second levels.
  • Adjusts eyes and assignment quickly to post-snap movement.
  • Shows ability to unlock hips/ankles and recover with a stout anchor.
  • Processes pre-snap danger and post-snap twists smoothly.


  • Lacks ideal snap-to-step quickness.
  • Movements tend to be a little mechanical on workup blocks.
  • Needs to guard against leaning and pushing with upper body.
  • Below-average posture and base width in his pass sets.
  • Feet get heavy, impacting reactive quickness with his mirror.

Profile by Lance Zierlein – NFL.COM

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