Draft 2024 – Pick #6: Tyler Davis, DT, Clemson

A fireplug nose tackle with a compact frame, Davis plays much stronger than his measurables might indicate. He lacks the pure mass teams covet along the interior but uses terrific strength and leverage to bow his neck and take on all comers. He’s usually first off the snap and first in with his hands, but the size and length of an NFL interior blocker could be challenging for him as he makes the step up in class. The physical limitations will make him less attractive earlier in the draft, but his motor and consistency in pressuring blockers should push him into snaps as a 4-3 nose.


  • Times up snap and slams into blocker with quick, powerful punch.
  • Mirrors lineman’s lateral movements and fills in the play-side gap.
  • Proportional strength for impressive double-team battles.
  • Leg drive creates relentless pressure on blockers.
  • Natural leverage to penetrate gaps and drive through redirection as rusher.
  • Foot quickness gives him a chance to find entry points into the pocket.


  • Below-average mass for an NFL nose tackle.
  • Short arms make it tougher to control and shed opponents quickly.
  • Loses pad level when engaging with lateral blocks.
  • Below-average hand fighting to slip past pass protection.
  • Needs to develop more rush counters and put them in his bag.

Profile by Lance Zierlein – NFL.COM

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